How to build EI to boost your career

Recently, The World Economic Forum’s future jobs report indicated that by 2020, Emotional Intelligence (EI) will be one of the most sought after skills by companies. So what exactly is EI and how can you develop it to bo..... Read more

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    Rapport is the connection between two people saying ‘we are on the same page’. It's never more important than in an interview and here is how to create it.

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    Football needs new professional profiles

    Football clubs are redirecting their management toward a business model with the hiring of new professional profiles to help secure their future.

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    What is the best format for a modern CV

    Is a one page CV the best format for a modern sports industry CV? We find out what format is the best to get your dream job in sport.

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    Lessons on leadership in sport

    Global Sports talks to Ed Smith, Director at the Institute of Sports Humanities (ISH) about leadership in sport and how to build leadership skills.

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    How to climb the sports career ladder

    Ambitious to succeed in your sports business career, but where do you go from here? We provides you with the steps to building your career through advice from leaders focused on wh...

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