What is international development & why is it important for sports club & league growth?

International development in sports clubs refers to efforts aimed at promoting growth and development beyond their local communities and into a broader, international context. It can have many benefits, such as providing..... Read more

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    What is international development & why is it important for sports club &...

    We explore what leading sports organisations are doing with insight from industry leaders to build their International development to promote growth and development in an internati...

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    CIES Webinar: The Growth of Women's Football

    On International Women’s Day 2023, CIES  held a webinar about "The Growth of Women's Football" which discussed the continuing evolution and growth of women’s football.

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    What to do when receiving a job offer

    Receiving feedback after an interview or considering an offer can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you're unsure of how to handle it. That's why it's important to have...

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    Top tips when preparing for an interview

    Interviews are a crucial part of any job search process and it can be especially nerve-wracking when it comes to the sports industry, which is highly competitive and requires a spe...

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    Want a career in sport? Step out of your comfort zone more often

    When asking for advice on how to progress with a career in sport, you’ll often hear people say, “step outside of your comfort zone” - something that is far easier said than done.

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    Lessons From Sport: The Path to Success is Lined With Setbacks

    One lesson sport teaches for career and personal success better than any other, is that greatness is rarely achieved without experiencing setbacks and failures. We examine some of ...

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    What does a product manager in sport do?

    Product managers for sporting brands is a sought after career in sport. What do they do and what do you need for a career in product management?

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    Why you should study a sports management masters

    The sports industry is huge. If you love sports, there's no reason not to study sports management. It's a field that has lots of different career paths, and it's always changing an...

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