COVID-19 and your career: Job searching at a time like this

These are challenging and stressful times for job seekers and the sports industry is no exception. With the uncertainties of what the future will look like due to COVID-19, you maybe left unsure how to manage your career..... Read more

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    Working remotely: Top tips to being productive

    Working remotely is a major shift in way of working for many of those not used to it. Here are the top tips to being productive, effective and happy while working from home.

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    COVID-19 and your career: Use your time wisely

    Advise from leaders in sport on how to use your time wisely during COVID-19 to help build you career in sport.

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    Want to lead innovation in the global sports industry?

    Learn about innovation in the global sports industry with emlyon business school. Masters programme for those want to truly make a difference in sport.

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    The Coronavirus: Not the First Global Health Crisis for Sport

    With dozens of international sport events have been postponed or cancelled around the world what is the impact of Corona Virus on Global Sport.

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    The European Tour’s Michael Cole on golf’s innovation drive

    The European Tour’s chief technology officer, Michael Cole, discusses technology, content and smart cities as part of Golf's future opportunities.

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