So what is Sport Business exactly?

Let's cover a simple but perhaps overlooked topic when discussing careers in sport - What is 'Sport Business' exactly? At it's essence it can be defined as the off-field business of managing and facilitating sport. Ok th..... Read more

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    The rise and rise of the ultra running industry

    The dramatic rise of Ulta-distance running events in recent years likely holds the answer to what drives people to push themselves further and further.

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    What do professional football players want to be when they grow up?

    Current and retired international footballing professionals reflect on the important role of academic studies in securing a future after football.

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    How to create rapport in an interview

    Rapport is the connection between two people saying ‘we are on the same page’. It's never more important than in an interview and here is how to create it.

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    Interview with Peter Daire & Sean McAuliffe, founders of the sport business scho...

    Interview with Sport Collective and Sport Calling founders Peter Daire and Sean McAuliffe to understsand more about their new sports business school education.

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    La Vuelta: a sporting event that sells Brand Spain like nobody else

    La Vuelta a España is a tour of force in the sporting event showing the world how to sell epic sport and socioeconomic value in 3 weeks of televised competition.

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    8 podcasts to benefit your sporting career

    The top podcasts to help progress your career in sports business. Providing the perfect mix of career advice and industry insight to move you forward.

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