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1. The Sports Industry 101

Here we will dive into the fascinating history of sport business, explore the top sectors within the sports industry, and answer the question: What is Sport Business exactly? We'll also take at the megatrends that are redefining the future of sports and what do they mean for the industry as a whole. Whether you're an aspiring sports industry professional or simply curious about this dynamic field, this section is sure to provide valuable insights and information.


> The history of Sport Business

> Top sectors within the sports industry

> So what is Sport Business exactly?

> Sports sustainable focused future

> The Megatrends redefining the future of sports


2. Key sports industry themes

The sports industry is a rapidly evolving field that encompasses a wide range of sectors, from traditional sports leagues to emerging technologies. In this section, we'll explore some of the key themes and trends that are shaping the industry today. We'll delve into the impact of technology and digital media on sports consumption, the growing importance of sustainability and social responsibility, and the rise of esports as a major player in the industry. We'll also take a look at the changing nature of sports fandom and the evolving role of athletes as influencers and advocates.


> 5 technology trends shaping the Sports Industry

> The viability of the eSports Industry

> Diversity in the UK Sports Industry

> The growing importance of sustainability and social responsibility in sport

> What is international development & why is it important for sports club & league growth?

> The changing nature of sports fandom


3. Interviews with industry professionals and leaders

Reading sports industry career interviews can be incredibly valuable for anyone interested in pursuing a career in sports. These interviews offer first-hand insights and experiences from professionals who have succeeded in the industry, providing a glimpse into the paths they took and the challenges they faced. The following interviews can give you an understanding of the different roles within the industry and the skills and qualities required for success. By learning from the experiences and advice of those who have already made it, you can gain valuable insights and inspiration for your own career path in the sports industry.


> Interview: Deborah Dilworth, Head of Women's Football at the Football Supporters Association

> What does a product manager in sport do?

> Interview: Helen Riley, Arrivals & Departure Manager, Special Olympic World Games 2023 Berlin

> What it takes to be a Stadium Manager

> From Olympic athlete to sport management consultant

> Interview: Jean-Marie Tardy - Ticketing Project Manager at FIFA

> Interview: Lorenzo Lecci López, Sports Journalist, Padel Magazine

> Interview: Martin Manecy, Senior Adviser, Formula E

> Interview: Rich Mills, Strategy & Design Director at Deltatre

> Interview: Liam Boylan, Stadium Director at Wembley Stadium

> Interview: Matt Roberts, Director of Research & Analytics, Formula 1®

> Interview: Veloce Esports co-founder on the future of brands in the eSports industry

> Interview with Sir Russell Coutts, Co-founder, Sail GP

> Interview: Jon Dutton, Rugby League World Cup 2021 CEO on an ambitious tournament

> Interview: with Peter Daire & Sean McAuliffe, founders of the sport business school Sport Calling

> Interview: Federico Winer, Business development, retail & consumer industries, SAP

> Interview: Amina Lanaya, Director General of the UCI

> Interview: Oon Jin Teik, Singapore Sports Hub CEO

> Interview: Chris Breeze, Marketing Partnerships, NBA EMEA.

> Interview: Annemarie Blanco, Digital Media Manager, IPC

> Interview: Angelina Lawton, Founder & CEO, Sportsdigita

> Interview: Minal Modha, Head of Research, Aser Media / Eleven Sports

> Interview: Tom Gracey, Senior Broadcast Manager, The FA

> Interview: Sir Craig Reedie, World Anti Doping Agency

> Interview: Almamoun Alshingiti, Executive Director of Development – Sports, Qiddiya Investment Company

> Interview: Jon Dutton, CEO, Rugby League World Cup 2021

> Interview: Dave Muye, Vice President Of Partnerships, Feld Entertainment

> Interview: Sébastien de Chaunac, Head of Brand Activation, ABB

> Interview: Alan Hamer, Major Events Sports Specialist

> Interview: Pau Serracanta, Managing Director of MotoGP



4. Making the move into Sport

Making a move into the sports industry can be exciting but also challenging. One of the best pieces of advice is to gain relevant experience through internships or volunteer work. This can provide valuable insights into the industry and help you to make key connections. Networking is always beneficial, as building relationships with professionals in the industry can lead to job opportunities in the future.

Try to stay up to date with new industry trends and developments, this can give you a competitive edge. Always remember to be persistent and open to opportunities, even if they may not be your dream job at first. Taking small steps towards your ultimate goal can lead to bigger opportunities down the line!

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