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    In our recent webinar hosted with the emlyon Business School, sports media industry experts unravelled the evolution and future trajectory of sports media. The webinar, "Shaping the Future of Sports Media: Insights from Industry Leaders," provided a platform for an in-depth discussion on the dynamic changes through sports media. 

    The digital age has ushered in an era of unprecedented change in sports media, expanding the ways content is delivered and consumed. The rise of digital platforms is challenging traditional broadcasting models, altering the landscape in ways that are both exciting and complex. The webinar shed light on how these shifts are influencing sports media's future, emphasising the importance of adapting to remain relevant. 

    The session featured pivotal insights from Hannah Brown, Co-CEO Women’s Sport at DAZN, Mihir Warty, Chief Strategy Officer at World Rugby, and Antoine Haincourt, Head of MSc Sports Industry Management at emlyon Business School.  

    Hannah discussed the strategic push towards expanding women's sports coverage, leveraging her role at DAZN. Her journey from finance to leading women's sports initiatives underscores the multifaceted opportunities within sports media. 

    The shift towards digital platforms is drastically changing how sports content is consumed globally. Women’s sports are gaining visibility and commercial viability, a trend strongly supported by strategic investments. Hannah further discussed DAZN's commitment to women's football, emphasising the significance of digital in reaching broader audiences. 5-1


    "We believe that gives us an ability to do work for a rights holder, which is hard for them to do it themselves."  

    This underscores the potential of digital platforms in elevating women's sports to new heights. 4-3

    Mihir brought a rights holder's perspective, emphasising strategic planning and the importance of embracing digital platforms to reach global audiences. Navigating the evolving media landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for rights holders. 

    "We see that the rights situation and the plateauing in many markets. That's certainly something we are aware of in our sport." 

    His insights reveal the complexities of managing sports media rights in today's digital era.  

    Antoine from the academic realm provided a theoretical lens, discussing the impact of globalisation and technology on sports media. Antoine highlighted the shifting consumption patterns, especially among younger audiences. 6-1

    "Consumers, especially the younger audience, they're snacking content more and more. They want to be part of the story." 

    His insights into the challenges and opportunities of the evolving media landscape offered a unique contrast to the practical experiences shared by the other panellists. 

    The increasing interest in women's sports was highlighted as a significant area of growth. Strategies to enhance visibility and engagement are crucial, illustrating the evolving perceptions and increasing commercial viability of women's sports. 

    The webinar offered a fascinating glimpse into the current state and future directions of sports media. It underscored the importance of embracing change, leveraging digital platforms, and recognising the growing significance of women's sports. As we look to the future, the insights shared by the panellists serve as a light for professionals navigating the evolving sports media landscape. 

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