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    At the recent 7th annual ISB Careers Symposium held at Loughborough University London, aspiring sports professionals had the unique opportunity to gain valuable career planning insights from our Executive Chairman, Will Lloyd. We share the insights from this "Career Planning" session to help equip those wanting to enter the industry with the practical tools and strategies to thrive in the competitive world of careers in sport.

    Will Lloyd, with over 25 years of experience in the sports industry, brought a wealth of knowledge to the session highlighting 5 key areas where those looking to build their career in sport need to focus on:

    Your Network: Nurture and grow your network

    Strategic networking extends beyond just online connections. Actively seeking opportunities to form genuine relationships with industry professionals is equally important. Consider attending industry conferences, volunteering at sporting events, or joining sports business clubs at your university. These in-person interactions can unlock multiple opportunities and serve as a stepping stone for your career aspirations in the dynamic sports industry. By building these 'real' connections, you can gain valuable insights from experienced professionals, potentially discover unadvertised opportunities, and establish yourself within the industry network.


    Personal Branding: your unique value proposition

    A compelling personal brand serves as a critical differentiator within the competitive sports industry landscape. By strategically showcasing your unique strengths and passions, you can establish yourself as a highly valuable member of the team. Are you a data-driven analyst with a demonstrably proven ability to evaluate player performance? Perhaps you possess a social media expertise that has demonstrably fuelled fan engagement for past projects. Highlighting these distinctive qualities allows you to effectively communicate your value proposition and stand out from the competition..

    Interviews: Prepare for success 

    Preparation is key and Prior to the interview, research is important.  This demonstrates not only initiative, but also a genuine interest in the opportunity.  Delve deeply into the company, their product or service offerings, the specific role you are applying for, and current trends within the sports industry. This comprehensive research not only allows you to answer questions thoughtfully, but also helps you formulate insightful questions for the interviewer. A successful interview is a two-way street, and showcasing your interest through well-developed questions will leave a lasting impression.

    Real World Scenarios: Showcase Transferable Skills

    Your resume serves as a foundation, but it's the compelling narrative build around your experiences that truly captivates hiring managers. Go beyond just listing past experiences. Instead, utilise them to craft impactful stories that showcase your skills and achievements.

    By framing your experiences in this way, you can effectively demonstrate transferable skills directly relevant to the sports industry. Focusing on the impact and results of your actions allows you to create a lasting impression on potential employers.

    Enhance your skills: active learning 

    Don't settle for passive participation in your career development. Instead, actively seek opportunities to interact with industry professionals. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and even practice your interview skills in a secure environment. This proactive approach serves multiple purposes. It allows you to solidify your knowledge and understanding of the sports industry, while simultaneously demonstrating your initiative and engagement to potential employers. By actively participating and making a positive impression, you can establish yourself as a highly motivated and well-prepared candidate.
    LUL Career planning-1

    By implementing these five key takeaways, you can significantly impact your journey within the sports industry. Stay tuned here for future events featuring industry experts, where you can glean valuable insights and forge connections with potential career allies.



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