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    I’ve dutifully neglected writing an article for the past couple of weeks. Partly because it’s challenging not to exhaust topics when we are between terms at Uni, partly because work has been keeping me particularly busy (this is old news), partly because I’ve taken a few days of holidays chasing my team in Europe. Easter holiday now long gone, term is set to start this week – not that I will be attending today.

    I’m honestly excited for classes to resume even if I feel utterly unprepared this term. I’ve not been to the library for at least a couple of months even if I have been diligently renewing a book I borrowed back in December 2013 – and that I have still not managed to finish. If I think back to the end of March I was intending to rest, yes, but also catch up on my ever expanding reading list in some quiet weekday evenings and over the course of the weekends. A month later I haven’t picked up any of the intended books, nor have I managed to get much rest. As easy-going as an activity as it may be, other commitments – such as catching up on some sleeping hours – seemed, at certain points, dire.

    So, it would seem, I resume University more tired than where I left off back in March. Full-time students, meanwhile, have supposedly been dedicating time to their dissertations, that lucky lot. Except the ones I’ve spoken to since breaking off last term haven’t been getting much done, if anything at all. No judgement on my part – if anything I’m just wary of also procrastinating and leaving it down to the wire as I seemed to have done with previous assignments. I’ve blamed it on markings and the percentage of these on the final overall grade - which is all very valid and… economic of me if nothing else - but I’d hate to think by this time next year I’ll also not bear much consideration towards my dissertation. “Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place.” – so said Lao Tzu.

    For the very first time we were provided with the module outline ahead of the start of term. One recommended reading, a few other books making up the supplementary readings. I’m sure a few other key texts will appear on the online community in no time, but it’s refreshing to be able to establish a relationship with the lecturer even before the start of term to address any issues or queries regarding the module. We also have a ‘TBC’ class trip scheduled in where we are supposed to visiting a sport organisation in the coming weeks – how very peculiar – but also intriguing!

    As for our March examinations, we’ve not yet received any markings, nor have we heard any more on the ‘typo’ that featured in our Statistics exam apart from one very cordial but nonetheless rather lousy apology. I personally don’t see how they can manage not  to nullify the question – it otherwise raises all kinds of questions on fairness – but neither can I foresee how we will ever find out what has actually transpired as far as the markings on this particular. I’m not particularly keen on havoc ensuing and would rather concentrate on the present term than any controversy of the past, but overall I’ll reserve judgement until the final grades are released, hopefully in another couple weeks’ time.




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