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    Joining the women in sport revolution

    Global Sports joined the Sports Tomorrow Congress in Barcelona to discuss the future of women's sport with leaders and influences from across the Global Sports Industry.

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    What does a product manager in sport do?

    Product managers for sporting brands is a sought after career in sport. What do they do and what do you need for a career in product management?

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    What it takes to be a Stadium Manager

    Stadium managers play a critical and foundational role in the planning and delivery of all sporting events around the world, here is what the do.

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    Why now is a good time to start your sports industry career

    Now is a great time to consider a career in sport, with the challenges facing the world, the sports industry has proven to be responsibility recession resilient.

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    A new platform for careers in English Football

    The FA's central careers platform for English football, creating greater transparency of roles available to individuals across English football.

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    4 new year actions to build your career in sport

    5 actionable steps you can take in the new year to reach your career goals in sport business and build an amazing career.

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    The impact of 2020 on the People of the sports industry

    The People Agenda Survey results are in and provide you with insight into how the people of the sports industry have been impacted by events of 2020.

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    Five ways to improve your career prospects whilst working remotely

    The skills you need to develop for your career in sport to flourish in a remote working world.

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