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    How to build career resilience

    Successfully navigating adversity in uncertain times will serve you well in every aspect of your life, including your sporting career.

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    6 tips to prepare for a video interview

    Here we share our top tips to help you master a video interview and successfully land your next job in the sports industry.

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    Interview: Jean-Marie Tardy - Ticketing Project Manager at FIFA

    Find out what being a Ticketing Project Manager at FIFA entails, as well as insight and advice for building a career in ticketing in the sports industry.

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    Athletes representation - what it takes to be a successful player agent

    We speak to Lindi Ngwenya, Director at Sisu Sports Management, to uncover her insight and advice for those looking to build a career as a player agent.

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    The future of sport: Web 3.0 and the Metaverse

    Exploring what Web 3.0 and the Metaverse mean for the future of the sports industry and how these technology trends are creating new opportunities.

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    Interview: Lorenzo Lecci López, Sports Journalist, Padel Magazine

    Here we speak to Lorenzo Lecci López, a Sports Journalist at Padel Magazine, to uncover insight and advice about a career in the sports media industry.

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    Job application advice for 2022

    From a candidate driven market to artificial intelligence, find out how the job application process is changing and what this means for candidates.

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    Why study a Masters in Sports Business

    We spoke to 3 recent Sports Business Master’s graduates to gain insight and advice for those considering this as the next step in their sporting career.

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