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    Sports Tomorrow Congress - 2We were proud to have partnered with the 2021 edition of the Sports Tomorrow Congress in Barcelona, which focused on the future of women's sport by addressing the opportunities and challenges the sports industry faces as we drive for greater equality and build the future of sport on and off the field of play. 

    This month Global Sports joined the 5th edition of the Sports Tomorrow Congress  organised by the Barça Sport Hub at the Camp Nou.  

    Barça Sport Hub has for objective to create an ecosystem that bolsters knowledge and innovation through promoting a culture of excellence and collaboration with prestige brands, universities, research centers, startups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors and visionaries from across the world. 

    Like so many sports industry events the 2020 edition was a purely online hosted event, but this year it was great to be back to a physical setup. Hosted at FC Barcelona stadium industry leaders, decision makers and influences could finally meet, network and discuss the future of our industry in person. The congress was divided into the key themes of Business, Technology, Coaching, Medicine and Physiotherapy, Analytics, Nutrition and Performance, and Gastrosport. Over the 5 day event, 150 speakers shared their insights and experiences across different panels and sessions. 

    Events such as these are a fantastic opportunity to learn current and future trends and innovations that are transforming the world of sports, hearing from the people driving change and at the heart of the future of sports industry. The central focus of this year's event was The Incorporation of Women into Professional Categories’, specifically areas have been historically dominated by men. Women’s sport is experiencing continued growth and nothing reflects this better than the dramatic rise of women in leadership roles in world sport that will support the future prosperity of women’s sport. The increasing number of women taking on influential positions across all disciplines of sport is improving female representation at the top tables across the industry and increasing the diversity of organisational leadership teams, but there is still much work to be done to further improve this balance.  

    The hot topic of Women’s football and it’s expansion with more and more leagues becoming professional was also discussed in depth, through different panels hosted by high profile speakers.  

    Sports Tomorrow Congress - 4

    FC Barcelona women’s team players, Marta Torrejon and Mariona Caldentey talked about Leadership, the rapid evolution of women football, and the success of FC Barcelona in winning 3 titles last year, which according to Marta “not only opens a gap in sports, but also in society”.  
    Director of the Women’s Football of the RFEF, María Tato highlighted the transformation women’s football across Spain undertaken and the rise in interest of female football players across society. She pointed the fact that commercially this was causing a shift in the landscape, with brands increasingly wanting to sponsor women football exclusively rather than wrapping the women deals  in the headline men’s deal.  

    "The success of FC Barclona's womens team in winning 3 titles last season not only opens a gap in sport, but also in society
    Marta Torrejon, FC Barcelona Captain

    Head of FC Barcelona Women’s team, Markel Zubizarreta and Director of the Female Juventus,   and Stefano Braghin shared their stories and their background from men’s and women’s football and the strategic projects taking place at their clubs to grow women football including all the players transfer market and business aspects  

    But the event did not just concentrate on the business of sport. There was also focus ‘on the pitch’,  looking at female specific injuries, psychology and coaching of the women’s game that all demonstrated the importance of understanding  women’s sport as a dynamic and interdependent ecosystem that must be managed as a whole to ensure it's successful future development.

    This year’s Sports Tomorrow Congress put a spotlight on the growing interest and practice of Women’s sport globally and the female leaders driving this change. Many career opportunities are emerging from the development of the women’s sport and we are only at the beginning of this transformation. Global Sports is pleased to have partnered with the Sports Tomorrow event, which shares our values in promoting the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion of talent in our industry and how addressing these topics is fundamental in securing a future of sport that can reach it’s bold ambitions in a changing world.    Sports Tomorrow Congress - 3




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