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    Wembley Stadium

    As UEFA EURO 2020 kicked off, we spoke to sports industry veteran, Liam Boylan, Stadium Director at Wembley Stadium connected by EE to learn about preparations ahead of staging eight matches, including the Final, of the rescheduled UEFA EURO 2020 tournament and how these differ to hosting other major events at Wembley Stadium; England’s National Stadium and home to the Football Association (The FA).

    Liam also talks about the restrictions we’ve all been working to and what that’s meant in terms of prep, as well as how the delivery of such an event works between the existing stadium management team and the event owner, i.e. UEFA, with the LOS working in tandem with both. With confirmation that Wembley will play host to the largest UK crowd in more than 15 months with 40,000 allowed for the last four fixtures, Liam highlighted how much of a boost that is for the venue and the delivery team, along with the challenges that brings. Before moving onto the longer term challenges for venue owners as we finally ease back in to full capacity events


    This interview was originally conducted and published by our partner Sports Venue Business.

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