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    How to build EI to boost your career

    what exactly is EI and how can you develop it to boost your career and make you more attractive to potential employers.

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    The rise and rise of the ultra running industry

    The dramatic rise of Ulta-distance running events in recent years likely holds the answer to what drives people to push themselves further and further.

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    Interview: Federico Winer, Business development, retail & consumer industries, S...

    Interview with Federico Winer, Business Development, Retail and Consumer Industries for SAP on his career and the influence of technology on sport.

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    Lessons from the Cricket World Cup: Ticketing Strategy

    The managing director of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 shares his experience of devising a strategy to sell tickets for a major event, and how it can help drive the growth of a sp...

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    Time for Video: OTT and beyond

    Today, more consumers worldwide now pay for OTT video services than subscription television. the sports media economy must adapt to a new type of viewing.

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    Why sport will thrive

    Sport grabs larger share of increasing leisure time – 22% growth in a decade. We find out how sport is becoming more dominant in today's society

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    How to create disruptive innovation in sport & human performance

    The challenges of innovating in today’s modern sports organisations is a key topic of commercial success. We discuss how to create successful disruptive innovation in sport & human...

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