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    We had the pleasure to talk with Leonie Fabisch, Director Global Gaming at SPORTFIVE. We found out about her career journey so far and what is involved in her current role at SPORTFIVE.

    Leonie course-1You’ve started as Associate Marketing Virtual Advertising and after only 4 years you are now Director of Global Gaming at SPORTFIVE, What a Journey, Congratulation! Can you tell us about your career to date and how you became Director Global Gaming?

    It’s been a ride! I learned so much over the past years – when it comes to working experience but also about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Since I was a teenager I always wanted to work in football, so my choice after my first internships and trainee’s after my studies was quite clear to apply at SPORTFIVE. After years in football, which I truly loved and did with a lot of passion, I felt the urge to dive into something new. Something agile and where I can create and still shape a business. I was given the chance, when our global Esports and Gaming Unit started accelerating to become part of the “team expansion”. Right from the beginning I was able to truly shape and develop our initiatives and as I was part of the global team, I got insights of all our markets and therefore increased my knowledge quickly. I would describe project management and coordination of multiple on-going topics as my strengths. Therefore I fitted very well in, as there were several projects emerging quickly and I was able to jump right in. So I took over the lead of gaming and created our positioning and business right from scratch. Now I have a team, which supports me on marketing, publisher relationships and sales.

    Can you introduce SPORTFIVE and its activities in relation to Gaming/Esports?

    We are the leading Esports and Gaming agency. We are the match makers between brands and rightsholders, which are for Esports and Gaming Publisher, Tournament Operator, Teams, Content Creator or Influencer. We consult brands on their (first) steps into digital entertainment, but we also advise publisher in commercialise their esports or gaming endeavours. In addition to that and offering a 360 service range we also have our own in-house creative agency Build a Rocket which covers everything around consulting but also activations and furthermore with another subsidiary TwoReach an extensive portfolio on Content Creators.
    The (old) question about “is Esports a sport” won’t matter anymore, as it doesn’t really matter, it’s culture, it’s a lifestyle and reunites naturally the whole world of Gen Y and Z. 

    Can you explain us how Esports is growing and what are the perspectives (how important is going to be) of it inside the sports Industry?

    All the figures when it comes to fans, gamers, sector revenues but also stream viewers speak for themselves. Gaming and Esports has finally moved its way into the middle of society being a integral part of Gen Y and Z’s culture and way of expression. The gaming industry overall forms the revenues of the music and film industry all together, which proofs once again, that this is here to stay, Gaming and Esports appeals in so many different aspects that it is such an agile and dynamic ecosystem and working environment. Like in no other industry there is still much to develop and shape, nothing is already settled. It’s fast and exciting. The (old) question about “is this sport” won’t matter anymore, as it doesn’t really matter, it’s culture, it’s a lifestyle and reunites naturally the whole world of Gen Y and Z. 

    What are your missions as a Director of Global Gaming? 

    With our Gaming efforts we aim to be the best connected and influenced agency in the global gaming universe. We are the go-to partner for brands to do their first steps into gaming, as we have the sustainable vision of the brands to not only step into it but also stay there. We are already working with the biggest gaming publishers out there, Riot, EA, Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard to only name a few – it’s our mission to create standards and make gaming THE communication platform for brands by also simultaneously add the gaming experience and value to the community.


    What will be the jobs developing in the future linked to Esports?  

    The whole industry will more and more seeking for keen people who truly want to create and shape, who are “hand’s-on” and still have a vision on where they can bring in their strengths. Besides truly gaming experts and passionate gamers the industry will need people from “outside” who have a neutral look at things and can even bring in other experiences from either traditional sports but also from the general economy, as there is also still the need to set standards and make it more tangible for brands to grasp.


    What is the most important thing you’ve learned in your career so far?

    When you are in the right environment and your team truly sees your strengths and gives you the trust, you will live up to you full potential. A team that creates something from scratch needs all the diversity within a team, gender, age, cultural background as well as past working experiences – only with different mindsets and ideas a team will succeed long term.

    What advice would you give those looking to build their career in the sports industry?

    Always challenge yourself and ask these questions! A valuable employee doesn’t just simply do what’s asked of him. Have a vision for you and for your next 3-5-10 years, always put in milestones for your career and check if you are at the right point at the certain time, if not: make the change! And generally speaking: sports is as diverse as the society, sports means so much more than just football, stay open! 

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