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    emlyon business school 2Nothing evokes passion and emotion like live sporting events. People who are not necessarily interested in sport can be wrapped up in the thrill of following their local team with family and friends in a matter of minutes. Sport is one of the world’s most important industries and it is experiencing a huge shift in the way it operates.

    As with all industries, the sports industry is rapidly evolving. Big data and technological advancements are opening up endless possibilities for growth and change. Global companies in the industry need staff who are not only passionate about sport, but who are also qualified and ready to bring in new ideas to push the industry even further.

    Let’s take big data for example. Statistics have always been used in sports but the automated and large-scale processing of the big data has opened the door to new strategies in recruiting, training and managing athletes’ careers. It also is used in the tactical strategies of trainers. The film Moneyball (2011) is based on Billy Beane’s successful attempt to put together a baseball club by using computer-generated analysis to draft players for Oakland Athletic’s baseball team.

    If we look towards how fan experience has also developed, technology plays a large part. Everyone has a smartphone and dedicated applications and websites are used to enhance the fan experience. Spectators have all the information they need regarding players and statistics, they can view instant replays and alternative views. Fans can also order food and drink and have it delivered to their seat as not to miss a moment of the game!

    emlyon business school’s specialized MSc in Sports Industry Management is for people who want to truly make a difference in the industry and advance innovation.

    The program is taught between Paris and Shanghai with learning trips in the French Alps, Germany and the UK. Students will be in close contact with world renowned sporting companies throughout the year, having the opportunity to work on real-life projects and put the theory they are learning into practice.

    I chose to join the program for a number of reasons: the international reputation of the school, the quality of the professors, the learning trip, the alumni network and also the contacts that the school has in the outdoor sporting industry, which is unique in Europe,”

    says current student Olivia Snell.

    “There is a real diversity in the student body and the students are very talented therefore the level is high. The students have a real desire to learn and work in the sports industry and it is very enriching and dynamic.”

    emlyon business school1-1-1

    From the first day the students work on innovative projects directly with industry professionals. They are asked to respond to important topics such as how new technologies pose a risk to certain businesses and how they should be integrated before it is too late.

    Passion for the sports industry is no longer enough to be successful, you must have the tools, the knowledge and the contacts to succeed. The emlyon business school Career Services team work with students to help them find their internships and then their first jobs. Students are employed by companies such as adidas, Nike, Puma, Decathalon amongst others.

    Are you motivated to join this challenging and fast evolving industry? For more information visit emlyon business school below.emlyon Company Banner


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