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    With 10 weeks until the commencement of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil, GlobalSportsJobs delves into the work of the adidas Group who have been producing innovative goods that will be at the heart of the event. 

    This series of videos follows select members of the adidas World Cup team, including Design Specialists, Sports Marketing, the adidas Innovation Team, Athlete Services and the Football Business Unit, who share information about how they have contributed to the brand's World Cup projects, their personal passions and why their job is so satisfying. 

    Originally posted on the adidas Group Blog , GlobalSportsJobs' BRAZIL 3-SIXTYº series will now give additional information and a genuine behind the scenes insight into the construction of a global sporting event. 

    The first video in the series examines the technology and testing behind the official 2014 World Cup football, the adidas Brazuca. 

    GlobalSportsJobs asked Hans-Peter 'Every football has a different story – it’s years of research-led innovation. How do you keep improving with each World Cup?'

    " There is no thing as "perfection" when it comes to sports products, there is always something that can be improved. We are following the principle “Always the best for the athlete” and thus are constantly looking for small details in our products that could be even better.

    We always look at different aspects of a product to see if there is something that can be improved, for example considering new technologies or new production processes. From time to time, we even make use of a whole new material, for example as we presented the new midsole material Boost to the running industry a year ago (Read more here ). To improve the Brazuca compared to previous World Cup balls, we modified a different detail: the way it is constructed. The surface structure of a ball consists of different panels. The more panels a ball has, the bigger is the chance for flaws, for example for a higher water intake or less durability. With the Brazuca, we managed for the first time to create the surface of a ball out of only six identical panels that fit together perfectly. This alteration, which is a simple idea but a very complex process, enabled us to make an even better product. (Read more here )."

    This next video looks at the process behind the manufacturing of the adidas Brazuca, using just six panels. 


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