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    Exams! Exams have come and gone in a whirlwind and now term is finally over. While life has quietened down considerably, University-related topics are (unsurprisingly?) still hot on the agenda, with a controversial typo featuring in one of the exam questions and assignment markings that never came to fruition. Interestingly, the first question I get asked – whether by fellow classmates or colleagues at work – is how did I fair in my exams. Not how did I find the term or the lectures or how I am finding the degree as a whole, but rather specifically how were the exams.

    Admittedly, I too fit into that same mould, with the more immediate action – exams – warranting a query and the overarching activity – term or the degree – slipping somewhat to the subconscious. Is that perhaps placing too much emphasis on the final marking – the pass, merit, distinction (or fail) – rather than knowledge acquired? The veered manner in which revisions are structured would certainly imply so, but that isn’t to say it is necessarily a problem per se. Certainly something of a less  structured revision and, with all of my professional commitments, I would not have been able to sit through the examinations.

    There is also a level of interest – or lack-thereof when it comes to the most recent term. I didn’t particularly enjoy lectures and certainly came to regard the seminars as something of a waste, so I personally wouldn’t feel inclined to enquire on someone else’s opinion when my own holds no particular high praise.

    Next term we are back to what I have come to define as ‘normality’ – a single module entirely sport-related. It’s also the module which is supposed to be the most closely related to my profession. Something of a dichotomy in the cards? Potential to provide some great professional insight or an unpretentious walk in the park. I also hear it is exam-free with markings based solely on assignments. I’m not particularly looking forward to relying on assignments, but I’ll reserve judgement for when the summer term commences as I’ve come to reassess several matters over the past couple of months.

    Two terms down, four to go. Plus the dissertation – which I am no closer to figuring out yet. I’m fully aware I’m teetering on the verge of falling into the ‘just one more before I make my decision’ abyss as I’ve been purposefully neglecting thinking about the dissertation until the degree has progressed a bit further and we have covered additional modules. It’s a dangerous path to trudge, yet it is such an important decision to base on the one  sport-related module and two generic management modules it sounds almost absurd to have a topic in mind at this stage.

    For now, however, I am looking forward to some time away from Uni to relax, concentrate on work and getting some of those projects finalised, and picking up readings I’ve neglected since January!

    Get in touch – have your say! How important are sport-related modules in sport degrees? And how do you keep students engaged in broader topics of study?



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