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    In this whitepaper our editorial partner, Sporting Edge , assesses the key factors that contribute to success of women throughout the world of sport and beyond, drawing on the experiences of highly successful women from around the world.

    womenWe have just witnessed one of the most divisive leadership races in history. With Donald Trump coming out on top, what does this mean for other ambitious female leaders?

    For the last eight years, Sporting Edge has been researching the psychology of success. This exclusive white paper shares some of the winning insights from successful women in elite sport, neuroscience, the performing arts and the military.

    With key insights into their mindset, beliefs and high performance habits, this white paper offers valuable tools to help other women to win.

    Hillary might not have broken through the glass ceiling on this occasion but we really hope that these insights help you and your network to succeed.

    women Download the Whitepaper (PDF 2.6mb) →

    Sporting Edge is a high-performance consultancy which solves business challenges using the winning mindset from sport. Having worked with and interviewed many of the world’s leading sports leaders and teams, Sporting Edge has created a game changing digital library of insights to inspire and educate businesses and industry professionals on the requirements needed to achieve success in business through performance.

    Find out more about the services Sporting Edge offers to help you and your organisation click here .

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