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    Africa Business of Sport Podcast and Global Sports have partnered to offer dynamic African perspectives on the biggest topics, stories and developments in the global sports business industry. The partnership will provide our combined audiences with valuable insights, perspectives and job opportunities in the growing business of sport across the African continent.

    The Africa Business of Sport Podcast, co-hosted by Edem Spio and Jabu Mtwa, represents a new generation of sports enthusiasts and experts in the region. Edem Spio is an accomplished graduate of the University Campus of Football Business with an MSc in International Sport Management, while Jabu Mtwa has earned the prestigious title of an IOC Young Leader for the 2023-2026 term. Their passion for sports and business, coupled with their deep understanding of African nuances, sets the stage for an engaging and insightful podcast experience.

    The partnership between Global Sports and the Africa Business of Sport Podcast aims to showcase the untapped potential of African sport industry and highlight the various business opportunities the continent offers. Africa is home to a multitude of emerging markets and an ever-expanding middle class, making it an attractive destination for sports-related investments and partnerships. By shining a spotlight on these aspects, Global Sports hopes to attract more international stakeholders and foster sustainable growth in the region. Additionally, the partnership promises to facilitate knowledge exchange and learning opportunities between sports professionals from Africa and the rest of the world. 

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