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    A graduate from GBSB Business School, Nikita Vorobiev shares his motivation for pursuing a Sports Management Education and shares how his experiences have shaped his ambitions for his educational and professional career development post-graduation.

    What initially sparked your interest in Sports Management, and how have your studies prepared you for a career in the sports industry?

    Sports are in my blood . My family is already active in sports industry. My Grandfather, uncle and father all work within the ice hockey industry . As a kid I always knew I wanted to do something with sports and want to be like them . I think the initial part which really interests me is being part of this community not as a fan but looking behind the scenes and being able to learn from people and leave my mark in the sports industry . My studies helped me in connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures and allowed me to not only learn from them but also develop and form my communication skills.

    How do you envision the role of a manager in sports business in today's ever-evolving sports industry? What skills and qualities do you think are essential for success in this role?

    I think that the role of a sports manager is a very huge one. The skills and “requirements” of the modern sports manager have changed from what was required previously. Now the roles include overseeing things within the industry, league and team in order to make the right decision which will then lead to the ultimate goal of achieving commercial successful. Hence it is important to be well informed.
    Nikita Voroboviev reduite

    "The importance of being able to communicate, create great relationships  and being well connected are also requirements that are key to success in such a position."

    Nikita Vorobiev, former student at GBSB Business School


    The importance of being able to communicate, create great relationships  and being well connected are also requirements that are key to success in such a position. This plays a huge role in convincing people to work for and with the team . This helps in solving the puzzle of make the team work well together. The manager has a role of being a leader and the face of the organisation, thus supporting the definition and delivery of the working enviorment and culture is another role a manager must have.

    What sector within sport are you most interested in working in and how have you been prepared for it?

    I would like to work at Agencies, Federations or sports clubs. I am looking  to pursue a career in the Soccer, Basketball or Ice hockey industry. Within the Ice hockey industry I already had an internship in an Ice Hockey Club in the Continental Hockey League (KHL) which is regarded to be the second best league in the world. The team I  had an internship at is HC Metallurg Magnitogorsk where I had the opportunity to watch personally how the different departments of a professional sports team. To add on that I got to assist the coaching staff in analysing opponents and prepare for upcoming games. I also had the huge opportunity to connect with people from this specific industry. 

    What sports-related projects have you worked on during your studies at GBSB (or internship) that will help your future career?

    When it comes to situations related to sports management . I had the opportunity to work on my time management, planning and connecting with the right people which I believe will help a sports manager to solve issues and operate in the most efficient way. To add on that I had several courses which are sports related, specifically Sports and esports marketing and management. Within my internship which I had before coming to GBSB I found that these aspects were and are very important in the sports industry.

    In what ways do you think your academic background and experiences activities uniquely position you to make a significant impact in the sports management field?  

    I have studied in Germany and in Spain where I went to different schools with different systems which allowed me to develop and form myself towards my best possible version. I have just received my Bachelor degree in Sports Management from GBSB and will continue by doing my master in Sports management at Universidad Europea de Real Madrid. Together with my personal background, my academic background and extracurricular activities  which include the previously mentioned internship and other management activities such as organising and managing a school soccer tournament I am confident that I will make a significant impact in the sports management field.


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