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    I’ve been at GlobalSportsJobs for a few months now and it has been a great starting point for my transition from professional sports woman in to a career in the business world.

    I wanted to begin in a relatively small and dynamic company where I was able to see all aspects of the business and learn how the transferable skills from being an athlete can be utilized in a competitive commercial setting.

    Here at GlobalSportsJobs I have been researching job opportunities from all the different sectors within diverse global sporting brands and organisations. This has meant I’ve been able to learn exactly what a wide range of roles in  different sectors involve and better understand the level of commercial opportunities that are available in the sports industry across the globe. Along with this, I am in an office where I am in contact with everyone within GlobalSportsJobs who have very different responsibilities on a daily basis, which is a great learning environment. 

    There are many important skills you develop as an athlete that transfer with great relevance into a business environment. The results orientated nature of being a professional athlete was a constant part of my time as a cyclist. There was always an end goal which I would work towards through developing short term targets. To have these measurable goals was vital to my success, whether it was a target number of watts to hit in a hill repetition or a time for a training effort on the velodrome. I believe this is something most ex-athletes have developed through their careers and is why when they find a role in a business environment after retiring from their sporting careers, they have the foundations to enable them to flourish. 

    Team work is another essential aspect which is a key transferable skill for the majority of athletes. Even athletes competing in individual events will train in group scenarios and learn to work together day in day out. Not only will they train together, but in a lot of sports athletes will be based in accommodation together so they can be close to their training venues. These experiences and environments again provide valuable skills for successfully adapting to business environments.

    Working in GlobalSportsJobs has been great for me to utilise what I know, in terms of understanding the structure of sporting organisations and National Governing Bodies, and learn how I can adapt the transferable skills I have so that I can play an effective role within the sales team here. It is also a  great opportunity to work with like minded people, connected through our passion for sport and its future, in a rapidly evolving business environment.

    By Katie Colclough, reigning Team Time Trial World Champion and GlobalSportsJobs Sales Executive


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