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    •    England 2015 is the Tournament Organiser (LOC) for Rugby World Cup 2015, hosted in England between September 18 and October 31 2015. 

    “I went as a young teenager to watch the RWC 1991 Final at Twickenham, and saw England lose by a couple of points to Australia. That created a memory and a dream for me, and an aspiration to one day get there myself - which I was lucky enough to do. 
    “Now it’s my turn to be involved in the organisation of the Tournament and I’m very proud and honoured to be able to call myself an England Rugby 2015 Ambassador. 

    “I’ve been involved with the team ever since we initially pitched to win the right to host Rugby World Cup 2015 and I’ve had some unforgettable experiences along the way. Being part of the Pool Allocation Draw and launching the Posts in the Park initiative on the 2 Years To Go milestone were particular highlights for me.

    “Anyone lucky enough to be involved in the delivery of RWC 2015 is going to take away some incredible experiences and some memories that will last for a lifetime.”

    •    Vision for Tournament - Rugby World Cup 2015 will be a celebration of Rugby and its unique values, exciting and inspiring our nation and the world to play and support the game.

    Lawrence Dallaglio: “RWC 2015 is about much more than a Tournament. We are going to make this a real celebration of Rugby and its unique values. This is an opportunity for the game to get even bigger, and to make the sport as accessible as possible. It’s a very exciting time for Rugby in this country. 

    “Rather like getting to the RWC Final, you never know if hosting a Rugby World Cup will happen again. We’ve been entrusted with that privilege, so we’ve got to really go for it and build on the Rugby World Cup legacy in a positive way. 

    “We’ve got to fill a lot of very big stadiums and spectator experience is the key to achieving this. From fanzones to stadiums and transport to ticketing, we need to connect with our audiences across all areas of the Tournament and make sure that everyone has a fantastic time.

    “It’s a sense of pride for me, not just to win the right to host the competition but that we get to share that with the country and get everyone involved. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase what we’ve got and deliver something special.” 

    •    Each team supported by a Team Liaison Officer

    Lawrence Dallaglio: “As a former player I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right environment to prepare in. If the squad is looked after well and has optimum training conditions in the build-up to the match then there can be no excuses for what happens on the field of play. The Team Services team already has a big task on their hands to ensure that this happens, so being able to count on the support of a dedicated Team Liaison Officer is an invaluable resource to have.

    “Even the small things that you wouldn’t necessarily think are that important can have a big impact on the players. From making sure that there are bottles of water on the team bus to getting you to the right place at the right time and helping to resolve the last-minute issues that inevitably crop up, the Team Liaison Officers are vital to helping ensure that the whole operation flows smoothly.

    “It’s important that any TLO has good people skills and a proactive attitude to work. A TLO’s job is a busy and varied one - so they will also need stamina and a passion for professional sports. 

    “There is so much behind the scenes work that goes on in the build-up to Rugby matches at this level, and the efforts of TLOs certainly don’t go unnoticed by the players or the rest of the management team. When you’re at a Tournament like Rugby World Cup you spend a lot of time surrounded by the same faces and the TLOs really feel like part of group by the end of the tour.”

    •    England 2015 now recruiting TLOs

    If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be an England 2015 Team Liaison Officer then view the full job description and apply.

    By Lawrence Dallaglio, 2003 Rugby World Cup Winner and Ambassador for the England 2015 Rugby World Cup


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