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    - By Claire Gibson, Managing Director of Gibson Global Search

    Business as usual? It shouldn’t be. Given the current unpredictable economic horizon, now is the time for companies to shape their Boards and maximise opportunities for growth and future success. A company seeking good corporate governance should aim to find the right balance in the boardroom and consider what mix of skills and expertise will best match the current environment. It is becoming increasingly popular for business leaders to look at the overall skillset of their Board and strengthen their leadership team by introducing non-executive directors and chairpersons who can bring an enlightened approach, enhancing and challenging habitual ways of thinking. Gone are the days when a non-exec was appointed solely on the merits of being a good friend or ally. While there are strict guidelines that a non-exec must follow, a company that recruits with a view to gaining specific areas of expertise will allow itself to reach the next level and beyond. 

    In the last year we have seen a larger than normal number of highly skilled director-level candidates on the lookout for a new challenge; a challenge that is just not attainable any more from a single leadership role. Perhaps such roles are too few and far between, or perhaps they are just not quite varied enough to drive the passions of such an accomplished individual. Either way, more directors are choosing the route of becoming a non-executive director and being able to utilise their knowledge and channel it in a more dynamic way. It is common for non-execs to take on more than one post, as long as there is no conflict of interest. In this way, good strategy and teachings can be passed on first hand between businesses for mutual benefit. 

    It is my view that there are a lot of companies within the sports industry, from some of the largest to the smallest, that have become stagnant in their methods and are in desperate need of revitalisation, who would benefit immensely from a highly skilled non-executive director. It is also my view that there are plenty of extremely well-qualified non-executive director / chairpersons out there who are excited about being involved in turning your business back into a flourishing vibrant company. My advice is don’t wait until it is too late. Act now: look at where your company needs help and bring the right non- exec on board to help get things back on track. Let’s get the industry moving in the right direction again. GGS are passionate about bringing together clients and candidates who have complementary attributes and aspirations for success.    

    Gibson Global Search is the recruitment partner of choice for some of the world’s leading sports industry rights holders, clubs & teams, agencies and brands. www.gibsonglobalsearch.com



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