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    In 2003, this short sequence of play sealed victory for an England team who had been growing in performance in the years building up to the World Cup – what was our secret? Knowledge.

    In the 7 years that preceded this, myself and the senior team of Coaches broke down rugby into its component areas and redesigned how the England team would be taught and coached. We decided their secret weapon would be the education of their players to understand every aspect of the game of rugby, and how to deliver a winning performance.

    Classroom study instilled this understanding into each of the players – By breaking down the game of rugby and focusing on the knowledge, and the ‘must-do ‘Winning Moves’ for the team and their position, it meant that every player knew their purpose in every situation, from lineout, to attacking drive, to drop goal. 7 years of knowledgeable, perfect practice, lead to those 30 seconds of play.

    The process I’ve followed broke down into four areas – knowledge, practice, evaluation and winning moves – which correspond loosely to the classic “what, why, how and how well” which you need to understand to deliver a winning performance in any field.

    Knowledge is the theory, background and the models you need to understand to be successful in a particular area. It is what you need to know and why it is important.

    Practice covers the activities, exercises or drills that train the techniques and theory. They are how you improve in a particular area by training based on the knowledge you have captured.

    Reflective evaluation is essential – we found it vital to understand how well our practice was going and how it was contributing to our performance on the field.

    Winning moves are the summary points of your knowledge. They are the ‘must do’ points to be successful or to fully understand an area. They are a great, concise way to identify the keys to great performances.

    We used a variety of media to support the coaches and players – laptops, posters, paper files. Technology has moved on – the Captured business is bringing the power of smart devices and cloud computing to the process.

    We've built Captured with a single purpose - to help athletes and coaches to improve their performance. Captured improves a learner’s performance by helping users capture and edit knowledge anywhere, and share it with each other.

    Captured embraces the philosophy that knowledge is key. We believe the best athletes are the most knowledgeable about their sport, and the best coaches harness teaching and education alongside the training ground.


    By Sir Clive Woodward, CEO of Captured and Manager of the 2003 World Cup Winning England Rugby Team.


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