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    Following on from last week's episode,  GlobalSportsJobs' BRAZIL 3-SIXTYº series  with adidas Group Blog  delves further into the production of the official 2014 FIFA World Cup football, the adidas Brazuca. 

    This week we meet Jochen Raff, Product Manager at adidas football who talks us through the timeline of the production of the ball. 

    GlobalSportsJobs asked Jochen 'How important is motivation and inspiration when coordinating the development, design and marketing teams to ensure delivery of the best possible product?'

    “I think that dedication is what is most important in order to coordinate any project of a certain magnitude.
    Motivation and inspiration certainly play a crucial role too ... but working on the World Cup ball itself is as much motivation as you can possibly get to give everything to make the project work. It's THE icon of the World Cup and you want to get it right - for the players and fans but also for yourself. 
    When it comes to inspiration, it's always great to throw ideas on the table and discuss, tweak and re-shape them in the team. There were great moments when the members of the project teams were bouncing ideas back and forth that now are incorporated in the design of the ball.”


    Before the World Cup commences, the Brazuca is going on a journey around the globe, and you can follow it the whole way!

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