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    This week in GlobalSportsJobs' BRAZIL 3-SIXTYº series with  adidas Group Blog , we meet  Andrew Walker, an Assistant Product Manager in the adidas football business unit. Andrew can say he has had a kick around with superstars such as Lionel Messi, Clarence Seedorf, and Mark van Bommel as he was responsible for travelling the world and presenting the Official World Cup 2014 football, brazuka, to the players for testing. Find out how Andrew's journey panned out below: 


    GlobalSportsJobs asked Andrew: ' Can you give an example of some of the feedback you received from the players about the brazuca during the testing period and how you acted upon this feedback?'

    Here are some examples of Player Feedback to Brazuca:

    Messi: “I have had the opportunity to try it and it is great”

    Dani Alves: “My first impression of the brazuca is of a ball that is fantastic, that we’re going to have a lot of fun with”

    Steven Gerrard: “brazuca feels great”

    And how did Andrew act upon the feedback:
    adidas tests in laboratory environments as well as with players all over the world. The individual player perception plays a key role in the development of the product. After testing events, we accumulate the data, either through feedback sheets or personal conversations, and analyze it together with development and ait. Throughout the course of the 2 and a half year development process, we gathered valuable data which lead to the material fine tuning.

    You can see why Mr. Messi and many others approved of the brazuka in this video below... 



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