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    Football teams are increasingly having to adjust to the demands of engaging a new generation of digitally-native fans. Advanced technologies are opening up new business models, which enable the clubs to generate more productive revenue streams and develop more diverse growth strategies.

    These days, fan engagement has the potential to be wider reaching and more personalised, and is not limited only to the matchday. Access to the digital world is a 24 hour possibility and the more astutely a team realises this, and the more imaginatively it can harness the constant demand, the more effective it will be on a personal and commercial level.

    The Johan Cruyff Institute is offering professionals from throughout the industry, and beyond, the chance to learn from industry leaders who are experiencing the evolution of these technologies first-hand. In this free webinar, 'The Impact of the Digital Age on the Marketing of Football', GlobalSportsJobs CEO, Will Lloyd, will moderate the keynote speakers on the day.

    The speakers in attendance at the GlobalSportsJobs-sponsored event are: the Johan Cruyff Institute's Professor of Sport Marketing, Richard Denton; Inter Milan's International Business Director, Richard Lamb; and, Senior Commercial Acquisitions Manager at The FA, Steven Adams.

    The webinar will take place at 1000hrs (CET) on Thursday 13 October 2016.

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