Who are the 'Faces of FIFA'?

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    FIFA is one of the most recognisable and well-known sports institutions. Many of us know its function as the organisation responsible for upholding the Laws of the Game and, in doing so, providing a common, simple language to support the unique, unifying power of football.

    FIFA’s open and democratic structure gives the beautiful game the foundation it needs to grow and thrive. Founded in 1904 and based in Zurich, it has developed a commitment over the years to delivering development projects and activities, competitions and events. With 211 member associations, it is a truly global organisation with its influence very much felt throughout the world.

    What is not so well-known is who the people are that keep this extraordinary institution ticking over. Who are the 'Faces of FIFA'? Where are they from? What do their roles entail? Why did they choose to work there? What exactly does it mean to work for international football's governing body?

    Read below to find out what Felicity & Felipe do at FIFA:


    FOF Name: Felicity George

    Job title: Marketing Alliances Manager

    Age: 31

    Nationality: United Kingdom

    Date joined FIFA: 2014

    Why did you want to work for FIFA?

    I had been working in sport for the majority of my career, so when I saw a job advertised at FIFA it seemed the perfect opportunity for me to progress within the industry I love.

    What exactly do you do at FIFA?

    I have recently changed roles in the Marketing Division, from Marketing Communications Manager to Marketing Alliances Manager. In my new position, I manage the relationship between FIFA and our long-time Partner Coca-Cola, which includes everything from ordering the products that are consumed at events to helping activate the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola around the world.

    Who is your favourite football team of all time?

    I started my career in football with Arsenal in London, and working there ignited my passion for the sport. So they will always be my favourite team.

    What has been the highlight of your time at FIFA to date?

    I feel lucky to have started working here in 2014, and since then I have been to both the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the Women’s World Cup in Canada in 2015. Ultimately, I love the opportunity I have to travel and to experience the influence that football has around the world.


    felipe Name: Felipe Restrepo

    Job title: Olympics Coordinator

    Age: 37

    Nationality: Colombia

    Date joined FIFA: 2013

    Why did you want to work for FIFA?

    I am a true fan of football. Football has always been part of my life, but close to my ninth birthday I really started cherishing it. My father brought home a fantastic book about the history of the World Cup, and it became my favourite book and left me completely infatuated. Italia ’90 was just around the corner and I could not get enough of football, playing almost daily, watching any match that was on TV, and passionately supporting both my club and national team.

    As soon as I had the chance, I conducted football-related studies and later joined the Colombian FA. There, I worked on the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2011, which was a dream come true: it made me realise football’s potential to have a positive impact on people’s lives and it cemented my determination to join FIFA. With football it has been quite a love story; working for FIFA is the best chapter of it.

    Who is your favourite football team of all time?

    Club: Deportivo Cali (’86 and ’99). National team: Netherlands (’98).

    What has been the highlight of your time at FIFA to date?

    Working at the 2014 World Cup in Porto Alegre.


    This article was originally written by our valued partner, FIFA.

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