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    career preparation-1As the world stays at home and every sporting event, from the Tokyo Olympics to your local park kick-about, gets cancelled we are left wondering what the future will look like and what is the new normal?

    Despite the uncertainty, now is the perfect time to reflect, perfect and be ready.

    Firstly, and most importantly, everyone needs to play their role in getting their family, their community and the whole world back on its feet. Every sporting organisation and athlete has been saying this too – our health must come first and we need to support each other. But, for those away from the frontline at least, this has also unlocked an opportunity to step back from the rat-race and reflect on ‘what’s next’?

    If building a career in the industry you love is a priority, use the time you now have to make it happen.

    If you love sport and want to build or further your career in it then do not panic. Sport as we know it will be back and when it does return expect it to come charging like a bull out of a gate. The saying ‘you never know how much you have until it’s gone’ has never been more appropriate. You only have to look at how much sport content is being put out there for our daily consumption – from famous sports archive to user generated social content of back garden free-kicks and even live commentaries of household chores! The appetite is insatiable and the longer this continues the more we will devour the ‘real’ stuff when it returns. 

    So what does all this mean for you?

    If you are here wondering how on earth to kick-start a career in an industry currently on pause then use the time you now have wisely. Time is the new money…. in which case you are now rich. How many times have you heard people saying they’d love to do X but they can’t find the time? If building a career in the industry you love is a priority, use the time you now have to make it happen.  Furthermore, sport isn’t really on pause. The people who work in the business and operational side of sport are working to keep the wheels turning. The only piece missing is the action and that’s only a fraction (albeit an important one!) of a normal week.

    Whether you are still at University, started your first role or you are well into a non-sport career but want to transfer, the advice is the same. 

    Use this time to learn and build your expertise and confidence.

    We know sport can be a competitive industry to get into. However, for some reason a myth exists that goes something like this – ‘to succeed in sport you have to be in sport’. This is usually followed up with the classic ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ – both of these statements are just not true. What they are is an easy way out for those who haven’t taken the time to assess the opportunity, learn and then act. Sure, networking is important for people at every stage in their career and some relevant experience in sport can help, but they are not the main influencers.  

    Way more important is you as a person. Your personality, your passion, your knowledge and your commitment. If you use the time you now have to learn, you can address and turbo charge every one of these factors.

    Stay at home as much as you can and support your family and your community. Next, spend some of your free time reading, learning and building your expertise and you will be ready to move forward into sport.GlobalSports 50 Discount BannerSPORT CALLING would like to support you through this process and help you to move forward in this unique period of time during the COVID-19 lockdown. For everyone that signs up for their Sport Calling ‘Break into Sport’ online course they will also offer personal one-to-one support and guidance. They will be there to answer your questions, review your CV and give you all our insights on how to build a career in sport.
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