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    As an event management graduate, Mary recently secured an exciting new role at the NFL through her job search on Global Sports. In this interview, she shares her journey from university to the NFL, highlighting how Global Sports played a crucial role in her success. Offering valuable insights into the features of Global Sports that assisted her most, advice for aspiring professionals in the sports industry, her story is a testament to the power of persistence and the right resources in helping achieve career ambitions.

    Can you tell us about your journey to getting your new job and how Global Sports helped you?

    Mary Commons-1Looking for a role in the world of sports event management, I registered on several employment platforms, including Global Sports. This approach ultimately led me to the position I have now at the NFL! During my job search, I utilised various methods such as spontaneous applications, LinkedIn, and employment platforms. I received positive responses and went through multiple interview stages before securing my role at the NFL.

    How did you first hear about Global Sports and what prompted you to use our platform for job searching?

    I first came across Global Sports on the internet quite a while ago when I was fresh out of university and looking for event management jobs. The platform seemed like a comprehensive resource for someone in the sports field, so I decided to keep it in mind. When I began my job search again recently, I remembered Global Sports and decided to use it because of its focus on the sports industry and the wide range of opportunities it offers.

    I recently used Global Sports in my job search and was successful in the Event and Logistics Coordinator position with NFL. I'm so excited to be in my new role with the NFL team and be involved in  something of this scale, I am so grateful for the opportunity.

    What motivated you to work at the NFL? How did the NFL stand out as an employer?

    The NFL stood out because of its global recognition and the diverse opportunities it offers. Working there presented a significant leap in my career progression. I wanted to work in a role that involved large-scale event management and logistics, which is exactly what the NFL offered. Additionally, the chance to be part of a well-known organisation was too good to pass up. The role allowed me to work with big teams and handle logistics for major events, which are my areas of interest.

    Mary Commons, NFL

    What specific feature or experience of Global Sports helped you the most during your job search?

    The most helpful feature was the user-friendly interface and the ability to set specific search criteria, like “Seasonal” and “Freelance” positions. This made it easy to find roles that matched my circumstances. The platform’s search engine and filters were particularly useful, allowing me to quickly locate suitable job openings. Additionally, the regular updates and dynamic nature of the site kept me informed about new opportunities as they became available.

    What advice would you give to people looking for a new opportunity in the sports industry?

    My first piece of advice is to be proactive and persistent. Never give up on applications and use all possible means to find opportunities. It's important to be well-informed and to reach out to former or current employees to get a clear understanding of the job. Preparation for interviews is crucial, and you should be ready to answer practical case questions. Knowing the sports industry, its different factors, and its issues is essential.

    It's important to be well-informed and to reach out to former or current employees to get a clear understanding of the job.

    Would you recommend Global Sports to your network?

    Global Sports provided a seamless and user-friendly experience in my job search. The website's features, such as account setup and job filters, made it easy to find the perfect role. I am excited to progress in my career at the NFL, thanks to the opportunity I discovered through Global Sports. The platform kept me well-informed about new opportunities and made the application process straightforward and efficient.

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