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    Working at Cake has been an incredible experience and something I would highly recommend. Not many people can say that they had the chance to work on a world premiere within their first week of work! Along with working on multiple world premieres across my 6 months and getting to mingle with celebs, I’ve also had the chance to watch football at Wembley from a box, including the League Cup Final.

    Having swum competitively since the age of 9, sports has always been my passion and my biggest love. During my time at university it got to the stage where I was constantly being asked by my parents “what are you going to do for work?”, “have you been looking at internships and placements?”.

    Every time I went home, those same questions were asked of me and they started to become more frequent. This lead to me thinking how I could carry on my passion for sports, and get paid for it at the same time, pleasing both myself and my parents.

    This is where Cake comes into it. After being put in touch with someone who works at Cake I had two weeks work experience scheduled. Little did I know that these two weeks wouldn’t end after two weeks. After being introduced to various people across different teams I was told that my first job was to watch football. As a huge Manchester City fan this was a dream of mine. It was perfectly acceptable for me to sit and watch Match of the Day as it was part of working for Carling, one of the many exciting clients that you get to work with at Cake.

    cake intern

    As my first week went on I was asked if I was free to work the coming weekend for a few hours on a movie premiere. Having never been to one it was an offer I couldn’t refuse as it’s not often that you get to work on a movie premiere during your first week of work. It was work like this, mixed with the kind and good-natured people that made me want to extend my time at Cake.

    As the weeks went on, I was introduced to more and more exciting clients and work. Working with the content marketing team and being able to manage a campaign for an interactive business map of London was an exciting time for me as I’d never had the chance to manage my own project. Something that became increasingly more frequent as the months went on.

    Whilst working for the content marketing team and the Carling team, I learnt about a new area of marketing that I’d never knew existed. I was able to spend my time working on football, both in the office and out of it.

    Along with Client work, I was also able to manage internal events such as a week-long gaming competition with our Vivendi partners Gameloft, which consisted of me having to play games all week. Not something that everyone can say they do for a living. As well as the Gameloft event, I also had the chance to organise internal talks for the agency. Although it was on a smaller scale to the Gameloft event, it was an excellent opportunity to manage my own event and do something that I’ve never done before.

    Being part of the Vivendi group means that we have access to some incredible clients such as StudioCanal, Gameloft and Universal Music Group, meaning that work can span across sports, film, gaming, music and entertainment. This variation means that there is never a dull moment and there is something exciting going on every week.

    Working at Cake has been an unforgettable opportunity, and one that I would thoroughly recommend as it has provided me with endless opportunities and invaluable experience, across various clients and teams.

    This interview was conducted and published by our partner Cake.


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