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    Believe in yourself to kick start your sporting career

    Making your career ambitions in sport business require hard work and dedication. But you can achieve your goals are possible if you are committed to your future.

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    How to transfer your skills into a sporting career

    How to showcase your professional and personal skills and successfully transfer them into building a career in the competitive world sport.

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    How to sell sports sponsorship

    The steps to create and sell the most amazing sports sponsorship programme ever.

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    COVID-19 and your career: Use your time wisely

    Advise from leaders in sport on how to use your time wisely during COVID-19 to help build you career in sport.

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    How to craft an application to get your dream job in sport

    The advice you need to create a winning application for a career in sport business and get your dream job.

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    So what is Sport Business exactly?

    If you are looking to build a career in sport, you first need to understand what sport business is exactly and how it is made up. We clarify the topic.

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