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    Our recent webinar, hosted with GBSB Global Business School, featured industry leaders from across the UK and Europe sharing insights and advice for early career development in the sports industry.

    The sports industry is a dynamic and exciting field, offering numerous opportunities for young professionals and students aiming to build their careers. Our recent webinar, along with GBSB Global Business School, an esteemed panel: Ian Grundy, Senior Director, International, at You First, Patricia Lopez Miguel, Account Manager at SPORTFIVE and Harriet Eastham, Senior Data Analyst at ai.io to share their experiences, advice, and predictions for the future of sports careers. 

    The panel emphasised the importance of lifelong learning and staying current with industry trends. Whether you're interested in data analysis, marketing, or sports management, cultivating a broad knowledge base and a willingness to learn is crucial. 

    Building a strong professional network was highlighted as a key strategy for entering and advancing in the sports industry. Engaging with professionals, attending industry events, and participating in relevant forums can open doors to opportunities. 

    Navigating Early Career Challenges 

    The speakers shared their journeys, underscoring the value of versatility and adaptability. Gaining experience in various aspects of the sports industry can provide a competitive edge and lead to unexpected opportunities. 

    Persistence in the face of rejection and setbacks is vital. The sports industry is highly competitive, and determination can be the difference between success and stagnation. 

    Opportunities in the Sports Industry 

    With the digital transformation of the sports industry, there's a growing demand for professionals skilled in digital marketing, social media, and content creation. The intersection of sports and entertainment, particularly in content production (e.g., documentaries, podcasts), offers new avenues for careers. 

    Patricia emphasised the evolving landscape, noting, 2-Mar-04-2024-10-18-51-1539-AM


    "Right now, there are lots more opportunities than a few years ago because clubs are getting more, professionals for what they do. Some years ago, they would just go with four people doing everything and now they're getting more professionals specialised in, brand or partnerships or legal communications."



    This shift underscores the escalating demand for expertise in digital marketing and content creation, hinting at the broadening scope of career paths within sports. 

    The application of data analytics and technology in sports is expanding rapidly. From performance analysis to fan engagement, tech-savvy individuals have significant opportunities to impact the industry.  

    Harriet emphasised the transformative role of data, stating,  3-3



    “From a data perspective, I think we're seeing, we're starting to see the shift now of using data properly or at least building the appropriate pipelines to use that data.”


    This perspective highlights the growing field of sports analytics, where data-driven decision-making is becoming central to strategic advancements.

    Ian Grundy discussed the confluence of sports and entertainment as a growing realm, 

    IAN GRUNDY (1)



    “I think that we've got a really interesting opportunity where sport meets entertainment... Media production, film production.”



    This insight reflects the dynamic changes within the sports sector, where entertainment and sports are increasingly intertwined, offering novel avenues for engagement and career opportunities. 

    Tips for Aspiring Sports Professionals 

    • Be a Sponge: Early in your career, absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible. Being open to learning from every situation can accelerate your growth.
    • Embrace Failure: Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Embracing failure and learning from it is essential for personal and professional development.
    • Persistence Pays Off: The sports industry may present many challenges, but persistence and a positive attitude can open many doors. No doesn't always mean no forever; it often means not right now.

    The webinar offered a wealth of insights for anyone looking to build a career in the sports industry. The key to success lies in continuous learning, networking, and maintaining a positive, persistent approach to career development. As the industry continues to evolve, staying adaptable and open to new opportunities will be crucial for aspiring sports professionals. 

    The sports industry is vast and diverse, offering a place for everyone who is passionate, dedicated, and willing to put in the work. 

    Don't miss out on our upcoming webinars featuring additional industry experts and career advice! Stay tuned for announcements or visit our website for more information. 

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