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    Measuring the impact of remote working and work-life balance

    Johan Cruyff Institute shares expert insight on work-life balance and remote working as a measure of work effectiveness due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

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    The professionalisation of women's football

    Women want to take advantage of the FIFA World Cup 2019 to intensify their demands in their fight toward the professionalization of women’s football

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    What do professional football players want to be when they grow up?

    Current and retired international footballing professionals reflect on the important role of academic studies in securing a future after football.

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    La Vuelta: a sporting event that sells Brand Spain like nobody else

    La Vuelta a España is a tour of force in the sporting event showing the world how to sell epic sport and socioeconomic value in 3 weeks of televised competition.

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    Football needs new professional profiles

    Football clubs are redirecting their management toward a business model with the hiring of new professional profiles to help secure their future.

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    “Getting young people to pay to watch sport on TV is a big challenge”

    Discussing the future of sports broadcasting rights and how the ‘Big Four’ technology companies have the power to drive further disruption.

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    The Globalization of Audiences is The Greatest Challenge for Football Clubs

    We speak with Richard Denton, marketing professor at the Johan Cruyff Institute and Director of Sponsorship for Vitesse FC, about how football clubs should adapt to an increasingly...

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