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    In this interview, we speak with Arthur Fink, Associate Sales executive, Hamburg football club for at SPORTFIVE, a leading international sports marketing agency. We delve into his experience and insights within the world of sports and his journey with HSV /SPORTFIVE.

    Could you share a bit about your journey to becoming an Associate Sales Executive at SPORTFIVE, specifically within the Hamburg Football Club (HSV)?

    During my time as a working student at a small sports marketing agency, I discovered my passion for sales. Growing up in Hamburg, it was evident that my career path would lead me to SPORTFIVE. Through their direct sales program, I completed several internships with HSV, confirming my aspiration to continue my journey with HSV. In January 2024, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead the women’s football team at HSV / SPORTFIVE, a chance I eagerly embraced.


    Your career path has included roles in both Young Talent and Direct Sales. How have these experiences shaped your approach to your current role at SPORTFIVE?

    The Direct Sales Program prepared me excellently for my future career. Through extensive coaching, workshops, and internships at our clubs, I learned the fundamentals of sales and experienced significant personal growth. During my time here, I met many supportive colleagues from whom I learned a great deal.


    Women's football is gaining significant momentum globally. How is SPORTFIVE contributing to the growth and promotion of women's football, and what part do you play in these efforts?WhatsApp Image 2024-07-02 at 16.51.26-1


    Sponsorship is currently the largest source of income for our women's football clubs, underscoring the importance of our work. SPORTFIVE has already secured excellent deals in women's football and recognized early on its growing significance. As the leading sports marketing agency in women's football, we aim to solidify and strengthen our position this year.

    To achieve this, women's football is a major focus at SPORTFIVE in 2024. We have hired new employees dedicated specifically to this area.


    In my role alongside Jessica Stommel (Team BVB), I serve as an expert for our sales team while also acquiring new clients for our Women's Sports Portfolio. Although we are still in the early stages, we are committed to growing as dynamically as women's football itself.


    Can you describe a typical day in your role at HSV? What are some of the key challenges and rewarding aspects of working in sales for a football club?

    There is no typical day at HSV because we encounter different challenges daily. Women's football in Germany is still in its infancy, and we are dedicated to building professional structures and driving its development and professionalization.

    One of the key challenges in working in sales for a football club is securing sponsorships in a developing sector. It requires a lot of persistence and creativity to demonstrate the value and potential of women's football to potential partners.

    However, this challenge is also what makes the work so rewarding. Each new sponsor we secure significantly impacts the growth of women's soccer, helping to create a win-win situation for the sponsors and the sport. Seeing the tangible results of our efforts in the form of increased support and resources for the team is incredibly fulfilling and motivates me to keep pushing forward.


    For those interested in pursuing a career in sales within the sports industry, what advice would you give? What skills and attributes do you believe are most important for success in this field?

    My most important advice is to stay true to yourself, be authentic, and find your own approach to sales. Sales is not always easy, and there will be days and weeks where success seems elusive. It requires a combination of many skills and attributes to achieve success. Motivation gets you started, but discipline keeps you going.


    What sets SPORTFIVE apart from other companies in the sports industry, both as a business partner and as an employer? Why should someone consider joining SPORTFIVE?

    What sets SPORTFIVE apart from other companies in the sports industry is its unique combination of global reach and personalized approach. As a business partner, SPORTFIVE excels in creating innovative marketing solutions and securing high-value deals, leveraging its extensive network and industry expertise. The agency’s track record in women's football is a testament to its forward-thinking strategy and commitment to growth.

    As an employer, SPORTFIVE offers an unparalleled environment of diversity and collaboration. Employees here are not just close to the action; they are integral to shaping the future of sports marketing. The supportive atmosphere and opportunities for professional development make it an ideal place for anyone passionate about sports. At SPORTFIVE, you are empowered to make a significant impact and grow dynamically with the industry.


    Check out the wide range of latest vacancies with SPORTFIVE here and consider taking your career to a leading global sports agency 👍


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