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    what's like to work at FUSE

    Fuse is a maze. Not because you will get lost within it, but because there are so many paths you can take within your career here. Fuse houses a variety of personalities, specialisms and clients within sports, entertainment, cause and culture. I’ve been at Fuse for 10 months so far, however within that time I’ve had a huge variety of experiences at work, from playing football at St. Georges Park working with The FA, to washing a car in the middle of the madness of an open Arc De Triomphe on behalf of Škoda and their #ThisIsOurTime campaign.

    All the work I’ve undertaken has provided unique and exciting challenges, one theme through all of this has been the importance of collaboration within Fuse. The ability to pull on specialisms and experience across the business enables you to adapt for each piece of work, but provide the same high level of service, and results. You must be versatile and willing to consistently learn, but you’re provided with all the tools and support to do so, whilst your skillset is guaranteed to develop in the process. My experience has seen me increasingly exposed to data, insights, PR and content to date.

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    A day as a Fuser is never dull and almost always thought-provoking as you are surrounded with experts who will continually challenge your thinking.

    We have over 120 staff split across six Omnicom Media Group UK agencies, however Fuse has a way of uniting this spectrum of people under one culture and purpose. This is evident every time you attend a monthly ‘Fuse Session’ and listen to the vast array of work going on across the business. As well as at any company social, such as the annual events held in honour of the late David Pinnington. Anyone new joining Fuse will get an insight into the values of the company through how his life and contribution to Fuse is celebrated.

    Fuse has created a culture where its people are some of its strongest advocates. I for one would highly recommend it as place to learn, challenge yourself and develop into another expert who will add more routes within the maze.

    This article was written and published by FUSE .

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