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    With the sporting industry rapidly growing across the world, it’s no surprise that the industry is now worth an estimated £20bn, according to The Telegraph (2015). Its continued growth has resulted in the opening of new markets and organisations are tapping in to the wider commercial opportunities that the fame and recognition of their athletes can deliver.

    The Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup and National Basketball Association to name a few are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rapid internationalisation of the sporting industry. Sport is no longer a season ticket at your local football club. It has the power to engage audiences worldwide, build brands, generate vast exposure and ultimately change lives. The growth of the sport industry has also meant the growth of a wide range of exciting and dynamic careers within it.

    Demand for skills

    The growth of the industry has resulted in the increasing demand for individuals with both business and sporting acumen. Fast-paced and challenging, a career in sport can be extremely demanding, but in a globally profiled industry, you have the opportunity to pursue a dynamic and professional career in areas such as sports and organisational management, governance, marketing and communications.

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    As the demand for professionals in sport increases, however, so does the standard of competition for these roles. Breaking into the global industry can appear challenging, with individuals unsure as to how best harness knowledge and skills applied in the global sporting industry, or how to gain experience and secure a job.

    That’s why many are choosing to undertake a degree dedicated to the business aspect of the sporting world, allowing them to gain a fundamental understanding of the complex and varied global sports industry combined with core business skills.

    Gain experience and launch your career with Leicester Castle Business School

    Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS), situated in the heart of Leicester City, offers a postgraduate Business Management in Sport MSc to meet the changing demands of business in the 21 st century. The course has embraced the growth of the sports industry and not only equips students with a theoretical understanding of business management in sport, but places a focus on giving them the opportunity to globally engage with national and international organisations, whilst developing an exciting and valuable professional portfolio which will enhance their employability.

    Core modules on the course offer international excursions to famous sporting grounds such as Wimbledon, and the Allianz Arena in Germany to learn about sport heritage. Also as part of De Montfort University (DMU), all students can take advantage of DMU Global trips which have seen students visit Berlin, New York and Hong Kong, and students will also be visiting Toronto later this year, with specific site visits to sport organisations and venues.


    In addition, the Business Management in Sport MSc program gives students the option to undertake a fieldwork module which provides them with a substantial amount of work experience whilst following their interests. The program also provides additional sport industry experience at national and international sporting events by facilitating volunteer opportunities, such as the British Swimming Championships. Students are encouraged to volunteer at sporting events and local sporting organisations throughout the duration of their course and are supported by leading academics in their field, and can undertake an Executive Company Project within the sporting industry in their final semester which focuses on practical applicability of their study to a real organisation.

    With the growing number of courses offering business management in sport, Leicester Castle Business School has created a program that meets the needs of industry. Placing a focus throughout the course on gaining practical global experience as well as academic study enhances students’ employability, and they are supported during their time at the business school. In addition to academic mentoring, a high quality of teaching, with DMU having been awarded gold in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework, and placement support, students are offered a variety of networking opportunities with sporting professionals and organisations, all with the aim of achieving an exciting career within the sports industry.

    Visit Leicester Castle Business School to find out more.

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