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    When Mohsin Mitha saw an advert back home in South Africa for a vacancy in FIFA’s project management team in Zurich, the 34-year-old did not think twice about applying, especially as he had already worked with world football’s governing body as part of the 2010 World Cup. Then employed by Deloitte, Mohsin acted as a consultant to the LOC in project management, an area he knows inside out.

    In April 2014, after having completed his MBA, he upped sticks and moved to FIFA HQ, where he is now also focusing on project management & knowledge transfer – after all, the complex world of project management can only be navigated if everything that goes into the organisation of an entire World Cup, for example, is documented so that the major projects, not to mention the minor last-minute ones, can be reproduced consistently at a later date in another place and with other companies and people.

    “When it comes to organising a men’s World Cup, at FIFA we currently have 64 different areas using project management and knowledge transfer” says Mohsin in his office at the Home of FIFA. “Each area is fascinating in its own right. And when you see how a project, in all of its complexity, begins to take shape and then, at the end, a World Cup goes ahead exactly as planned, then it is of course a thrill. It is also hugely satisfying.”

    When Mohsin is not setting deadlines or creating complex Gantt diagrams, you will probably find him asking his colleagues whether they have any tips for good restaurants in town. “If you get to know a culture’s cuisine, then you will also get to know its people better,” he says. He is always grateful for the next recommendation – whether it’s Asian, African, Caribbean or any other region in the world – and he’s certainly had more than a few pointers since joining FIFA, which is hardly surprising given that 45 different countries are currently represented among FIFA’s employees...

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