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    Ever wanted to go away for the summer in search of new, exciting opportunities? Now is your chance to do something totally different with your summer and spend it in the USA in a truly unique setting with people from all over the world. Camp America are looking for people with a wide range of skills and experience to instruct or assist children in all areas of sport.​

    Every summer Camp America sends over 7,000 young people to work at camps in all 50 states of the USA. They are the best and most experienced company in summer camps, and send far more young people to camp than any other summer camp provider in the world. With Camp America, everything you need to get to the USA is taken care of – and you won’t have to worry about the logistics of getting to camp. Their package is the best in the business and includes:

    • Return flights to New York with a meet & greet in the US
    • 1-night stay in our arrivals hotel & transport assistance to camp
    • Whilst at camp, all your food and accommodation is provided
    • Medical insurance for your entire stay
    • A J-1 visa (sponsored by Camp America & needed to work in the USA). Unlike many other summer camp providers, their designated visa is sponsored by the State Department of the USA.

    Furthermore, considering that it’s increasingly difficult for young people to find jobs after college and university, having the phrase Camp America in the Experience section of your CV will boost your employment prospects. The reason for this is that summer camp provides you with what academics call Employability skills, which include leadership, teamwork, organisation and problem-solving.

    Still not convinced? Let Kirstie take you through her exceptional adventure at Camp America and discover what you could be missing out on!

    Doing Camp America is something that stays with you for life. Wherever you go, you'll find other people that have been involved and it's great to be part of this family. Camp America like to look after their family! Once you've completed the programme you'll get access to all their amazing returner deals. You'll also get opportunities to work for Camp America back home, spreading the Camp America love and keeping summer alive all year round!

    What are you waiting for? Apply now for the opportunity of a lifetime!

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