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    Thomas Soulié is a student at EDHEC Business School, he is doing the second part of his study gap at SPORTFIVE, as Assistant Project Manager Brand Services & Activations, which he found through Global Sports.

    Can you tell us about your journey to getting your new job and how global sports helped you?

    Looking for an internship in the world of sports sponsorship, I put myself on several employment platforms in sport, including Global Sports - which allowed me to find the internship I currently have! For my internship search, I used different mechanisms: spontaneous application, LinkedIn network, and employment platforms. I had several positive responses and ended up in several advanced processes before choosing SPORTFIVE.

    Can you describe your experience using the platform for your job search and your applications?What motivated you to work at sportfive? How did sportfive stand out as an employer?

    I was looking for an internship in an agency, federation, or other rights holder in sport. I naturally put in my research on Global Sports the following criteria: “Internships”; “Federations and Events”. As soon as a company was interested in me and offers to correspond to my profile were available, I applied quickly by uploading my CV and adapting my cover letter to the position and the company concerned. The platform is, I find, well done to have a global and precise vision of the positions offered by the companies, the interface is dynamic and pleasant for the user. The offers are often updated so I connected regularly to see the new positions published.


    I knew it would give me many keys to understanding the different challenges of the sports industry and sports sponsorship in particular.

    What motivated you to work at sportfive? How did sportfive stand out as an employer?

    I knew that SPORTFIVE was a renowned agency and that the missions of the positions I could apply for were diverse and varied. I was also committed to working with external clients and being in regular contact with them, establishing new strategies on a daily basis and constantly thinking about new operational projects. More generally, I knew it would give me many keys to understanding the different challenges of the sports industry and sports sponsorship in particular.

    You have just started your new job, can you compare your experience so far to your expectations/experience working in the sports industry? activation

    I am delighted with the assignments I have today at Sportfive, which completely matched my expectations of the role before joining the company. I was expecting to have new projects every week and work on many different operations - and that's the case! Working with different teams on several client accounts is also very educational because I learn every day thanks to the expertise of my colleagues on various subjects.

    What are your duties as an assistant project manager - brand services & Activations?

    MicrosoftTeams-image (2) (1)-1Each person in my department is on different client accounts and thinks daily about the best way to enhance the partnerships of these clients with the rights holders. This involves creating content, thinking about new original operations or designing dedicated strategies to justify the relevance of these partnerships. I am personally on several accounts and have missions that vary from one week to another: from benchmarks to assessing current trends in a sector at a particular time, to designing digital or event operations during match days. The objective of the internship is to know how to carry out projects from A to Z by the end of these 6 months.


    What advice would you give to people looking for a new opportunity in the sports industry?

    The first piece of advice I would give would be proactive: never give up when applying for internships like this and do not hesitate to use all possible means of application. It is also necessary to be well informed beforehand and to contact former or current interns to have a precise vision of the missions of the position in question. Finally, preparation for the interviews is essential and it is necessary to expect to prepare answers to practical cases. It is, therefore, necessary to know the sports industry, its different factors and its issues.

    Would you recommend global sports to your network?

    Yes, the Global Sports interface is dynamic, and the positions offered are very relevant given the quality and reputation of the companies present there. It is also possible to directly target companies via the search bar which facilitates the application process, it is very easy to filter the offers that correspond to the desires and profiles of the candidates.


    Thank you Thomas, we wish you the best and continued success in your new role.
    If you want to contact Thomas, you can write to him on his LinkedIn.

    Find all the SPORTFIVE offers on our platform.
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