How to build EI to boost your career

Recently, The World Economic Forum’s future jobs report indicated that by 2020, Emotional Intelligence (EI) will be one of the most sought after skills by companies. So what exactly is EI and how can you develop it to bo..... Read more

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    How Emotional Intelligence Training Can Enhance Performance Under Pressure

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training has been deployed to improve performance in cooperate environments. Now we explore this framework to transform the world of sport, especially i...

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    Lessons From Sport: The Path to Success is Lined With Setbacks

    One lesson sport teaches for career and personal success better than any other, is that greatness is rarely achieved without experiencing setbacks and failures. We examine some of ...

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    Building emotional intelligence to drive leadership success

    Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and can be used to considerable advantage in building strong leadership capabiliti...

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    Problem Solving in Sport Translated to Business

    Teams in both sport and business problem solve in different ways. Understanding how we approach problems can better guide achieving excellence.

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    6 laws of winning in sport & business

    Uncovering the laws of winning in sport & business. Dr. Fergus Connolly outlines the traits of highly successful organisations in sport. These are the characteristics that drive su...

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    The Perils of Performance Metrics in Sports Business

    Sporting Bodies need key performance metrics and targets to manage their business objectives, however there are clear challenges uses target metrics across all commercial environme...

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    Strong Culture and Governance Make for Sporting Organsations

    Improving organisation culture and governance in sport is critical for its continued growth at all levels. We address the importance of a governance framework and how sporting orga...

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