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    The Globalization of Audiences is The Greatest Challenge for Football Clubs

    We speak with Richard Denton, marketing professor at the Johan Cruyff Institute and Director of Sponsorship for Vitesse FC, about how football clubs should adapt to an increasingly...

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    Deciding on Postgraduate Education in Sport

    Further education in sport business could be the ticket to enhance your employability or take your career to the next level. However, it's not for everyone. We address the question...

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    Which way now? The postgraduate pathway

    You have a degree or you are on your way to graduation… Congratulations, you have taken the first steps to a successful career in sport. But is this enough?

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    Why do the Chinese Invest in European Football?

    Professors from the Institute for Sport Business (Loughborough London), analyse how European football became the sport business’s Silk Road.

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    Cake: Through an Intern’s Lens

    We hear about the experience of being being an intern at The Sports & Entertainment Agency Cake.

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