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    Sports Management: Educational challenges. Mindset-to-go

    In the age of digitalization, an informational advantage is no longer a reliable success factor. This and related factors are causing students to re-evaluate education and professi...

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    Why brands are finally taking notice of women’s football

    Women’s football is on the rise – and brands are finally starting to take notice. Here's why and how it's just the start of change in women's football.

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    Building emotional intelligence to drive leadership success

    Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and can be used to considerable advantage in building strong leadership capabiliti...

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    The Megatrends redefining the future of sports

    Assessing how Megatrends are redefining the sports industry by changing consumer behaviours. 5 thesis to be taken into account for the successful future of the sport industry.

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    The future of global sport

    Olympic sports urged to be 'less entitled, more business-like.’ Sportcal speak with ASOIF's Andrew Ryan on its far-reaching new report, ‘Future of Global Sport’. Was it accurate?

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    Cycling takeover

    Following the Eurosport owner’s takeover of Play Sports Group, an interview with Sameer Pabari, Discovery's senior vice president of content and business development who led the de...

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    FIFA tops 2019 #SportOnSocial Rankings

    FIFA have topped the annual #SportOnSocial. We review the global report that ranks all 35 Olympic International Federations according to their performance on social media.

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    AI: changing the game

    An Artificial intelligence revolution is taking place and beginning to permeate all aspects of the sports industry. We take a look at the current and future opportunities for Ai in...

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